BocoFan14 (Sometimes called BocoFan or just Boco) is a new TWR member who recently gained 100 subscribers.

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BocoFan14's current icon.

The Beginning

Back in 2011, BocoFan14 made a video called "Gordon and James Race" for fun, which now has 27,000+ views. The episode was probably filmed in his room on a standard carpet layout, very different from the extremely detailed model layout he has today. It was soon to become the first episode of his series, but it may be remastered after he finishes Season 1. He also made tributes to such characters as Gordon, Percy, and Duck. He then took a hiatus from Thomas and Friends after being inspired by LEGO stopmotion.

Thomas Wooden Railway Series

After becoming interested in Thomas once again in August of 2014, BocoFan14 created Episode 2 of his series, entitled "The Runaway Truck", and changed his name from JStudios2001 to BocoFan14 in late October of 2014. After file errors with Episode 3, entitled "Edward and the Animals", he uploaded nothing until Mid-March, when he released a promo for Episode 3, entitled "Bad Luck for Bertie". Then on April 6th, the episode was uploaded. Not even a week later, on April 11th, "The Untold Story: Part 1" was uploaded. "The Untold Story" is based off a fake story in which a concept in 1986 was scrapped because it was too much of a complicated story plot. The idea was also based off the How I Met Your Mother episode, The Burning Beekeeper. A whole page on his series can be viewed with this link. 
Thomas Wooden Series Hiro, Paxton, and the Express

Thomas Wooden Series Hiro, Paxton, and the Express

My 9th Episode!

  1. Gordon and James Race*
  2. The Runaway Truck*
  3. Bad Luck for Bertie*
  4. The Untold Story: Part 1*
  5. The Untold Story: Part 2*
  6. The Untold Story: Part 3*
  7. Oliver's Excellent Adventure*
  8. Duck and the Bridge*
  9. Hiro, Paxton, and the Express*
  10. George the Stubborn Steamroller
  11. Torrent


BocoFan14 recently got into creating remakes to take a minor break from his series. The episodes he remakes are his favorite, and he doesn't take suggestions unless he really likes them. None of the upcoming remakes have possible release dates. All are random uploads.
Thomas Wooden Remake Duck Takes Charge

Thomas Wooden Remake Duck Takes Charge

My Last Remake

  1. The Diseasel*
  2. Duck Takes Charge*
  3. Old Iron
  4. Bulgy
  5. A Proud Day for James
  6. Time for Trouble
  7. Donald and Douglas

The Menace Files

The Menace Files is a new series that was supossed to start on August 28th, 2015, however was pushed all the way to October 14th.The series is mainly to describe the main antagonist, Mr. Menace, and how he became the man he is. It will also showcase other relationships, such as Mr. Menace and Sir Topham Hatt's rivalry. BocoFan14 only has one season planned at the moment, but will plan a second season if the series is received well. Season 1 will end halfway through Season 2 of The Thomas Wooden Railway Series. There will be an update video on the whereabouts soon.

Mr. Menace

  1. Beginnings
  2. Swiping & Stealing
  3. The New Controller
  4. Visiting Day
  5. Identity Change


When BocoFan14 achieved 75 subscribers, he uploaded a video called Run Sodor Run, which you can check out down below. In an update video posted last fall, he announced that when he reached 200 subscribers, he will do a face reveal. He will also do a reaction video to his older videos, something that he is not looking forward too.

BehindBocoFan14: Second Channel

BocoFan14 recently made a second channel called BehindBocoFan14. It will include behind the scenes videos starting with behind the scenes of Duck and the Bridge, and The Menace Files episode 2. It will also have random videos as well.


BocoFan14 also uses music that is non-Thomas in many videos such as:

  • DVBBS & Borgeous - TSUNAMI
  • The Chevin - Champion
  • The Presets - Ghosts
  • Key and Krates - Dum dee Dum
  • Avicii - This is So Good
  • Dutty Moonshine - Taking it Back
  • Kool and the Gang - Celebration
  • Approaching Nirvana - Mount Olympus
  • Tobu - Higher
  • Tobu - Running Away
  • Parade of Lights - Feeling Electric
  • Aero Chord - Warrior of the Night
  • Two Steps from Hell - Spirit of Champions
  • Ship Wrek & ZooKeepers - Ark (NCS)
  • Avicii - The Nights
  • Kygo - ID (Outro Song)
  • Don't - Ed Sheeran (Don Diablo Remix)
  • All It Ever Was - Miami Horror

Run Sodor Run: 75 Subscriber Special

Run Sodor Run 75 Sub Special-2

Run Sodor Run 75 Sub Special-2

The Video!

On August 30, 2015, BocoFan14 uploaded a video entitled "Run Sodor Run". The video is his 75 subscriber special and uses regular techingues, but also some lego stopmotion. If you look closely, all of the engines he showcases is his own collection. This title, Run Sodor Run, is a twist on the song name, Run Boy Run.


Recently, BocoFan14 uploaded a video of himself playing the internet game, GeoGuessr. In the game, you are dropped somewhere in the world, and you travel along using Google Street Maps and then guess where yoy are. You could be dropped next to Big Ben, or on a country road in the northwest part of Russia. The main event that happened in the video was when BocoFan14 saw a sign that said Jersey Bridge, and then thought he must be in New Jersey. He then passed a sign that read "California", but decided it meant nothing. After around 15 minutes of searching, he went back to the same sign and realized where he was. 
BocoFan14 Playing GeoGuessr!

BocoFan14 Playing GeoGuessr!

The Video

The Future

In the future, BocoFan14 hopes to continue making his series and remakes and get to know for TWR members. He has already gotten to know George and Dylan's TWR and extras, and has also started to get to know DuncanWoodenRailway, Ryatron12, OliverTheGWREngine, and Crimson2091 via Skype, hangouts, and Twitter. He wants to get to know larger users such as MrMPS2002, and Ericpierre53. He has also started to do livestreams.


60 Subscribers: June 21, 2015

75 Subscribers: July 16, 2015

100 Subscribers: September 15, 2015

Social Media

BocoFan14 currently has a Twitter account and Skype, both with the username BocoFan14.