CA62Mini's current Icon.

CA62Mini is a more unknown member of the TWR Community who joined YouTube on July 5th, 2006, but he didn't start making TWR videos until 2009. He has had many series that have not been too successful.

Early Beginnings

After being inspired by Keekre24 and Percyno6, CA62Mini began his first series "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Tales" (CA62Mini) on January 1, 2009. This series would have six episodes, later revamped to twenty-six. The series would later end in Summer of 2009.

Thomas & Friends Forever

After a year of no episodes, CA62Mini returned with a new series "Thomas & Friends Forever". This series had voice actors and music. However, the episodes were inferior and CA62Mini canceled the series after 7 episodes and 2 Music videos.

Thomas & Friends

In Summer of 2011, CA62Mini started a third series that stood out from others. This series was written and fishing line was used to pull his trains along the track, as opposed to "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Tales", which was unscripted, and "Thomas & Friends Forever", in which he used his hands to pull the trains. The series meant to continue, but once again, the series was cancelled.


At the beginning of 2012, CA62Mini announced that he was no longer going to make videos. This leaving would last up until late 2012.


After seeing Enterprising Engines!, CA62Mini was inspired to come back and start a new beginning. He uploaded an new video called Bluebell Pearl Promo to announce his return. However, the production of this episode is still in the clouds.


Bluebell Pearl Promo was uploaded on March 17, 2013, and it was the last video that he uploaded. In early 2015, he said all Thomas videos are on hiatus until the summer, giving some hope for a future return.