Donald9andDouglas10 is a YouTuber who is on YouTube, the SI3D Forums, on Twitter, and a Google Plus account. He is the creator of Thomas Wooden/Trainz Series and is currently working on the rest of the episodes for season one with using both trainz simulator and Thomas Wooden Railway combined.

Setting Up the Series

Donald9andDouglas10 started collecting Thomas Wooden Railway in 2010 and wanted to make good use of them, so he wrote all of his stories for season one in May 2013 and assigned voice actors.

Current Things

Donald9andDouglas10 is currently working on season one of his series. He is active a lot on YouTube and the SI3D Forums and will be doing reviews on some TWR items. He also will be collecting Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures made by Hasbro.

He uses Skype to contact the TWR Community members and guys who use Thomas in trainz simulator. His Skype account name is Donald9andDouglas10.

Last week, he and EnterprisingEngine93's episode Logan Leaves his Mark was aired on YouTube.