Sonicandrotor aka Ewan4meno2 was the longest running Thomas Wooden Railway Community Member who first joined YouTube on his first account Sonicandrotor back in 2006 when the community was still very small. He held the position of longest running user on the same channel for longer then anyone else, almost 6 years. 


Ewan4Meno2 made his account sonicandrotor back in 2007, and posthumly made remakes, disscussions, and unboxings. In 2011, Ewan4Meno2 closed the account due to being afraid of a possible copyright claim. He explained this in further detail in a recent video.


In May of 2011, when the community was still in the dumps, sonicandrotor rejoined on his new channel Ewan4Meno2. He started to make Soinc the Hedgehog video's until December when ThomasWoodenRailway, Percyno6, TRAINSARECOOL2, and many other users had returned.

His first Thomas video since sonicandrotor was his remake of Dirty Objects , uploaded on December 7, 2011. This was followed by numerous other remakes, including "Wrong Road" and "Thomas and Gordon." Still, not many people in the community knew about his new channel. In fact, many users didn't know of him at all. He continued making videos about Sonic until late 2012 but he was more focused on Thomas then. His reviews were getting more popular, and he started a series on May 24, 2012. the first episode!)

During that time, he met new friends including jlouvier, ThomasDuckFan, and EdwardAlba. He still was friends with old faces and he showed it. TRAINSARECOOL2, his old friend, helped him with the series' first episode, Duke and Mike. In late 2012, when he left the TWR Community, he remained a subscriber and they are still close friends. However after 2012 ended he started making less and less Thomas related videos. Two and a half years later in the summer of 2015 he closed his Ewan4Meno2 account, leading many members to believe he left the community for good.


Immediatly after closing his Ewan4Meno2 account he made a new account called GuyAndRotor and uploaded a video explaining that he took down Ewan4Meno2 for copyright reasons. He then started uploading Thomas related videos again and has been active on YouTube ever since and is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year in 2016, becoming the first community member to make it to 10 years on YouTube.

The End of a Legond? 

At the end of 2017 All the videos from his latest acount were gone without ay warning. No uploads since. 

Thomas Brio Tales

Thomas Brio Tales is GuyAndRotor's series. The first episode was uploaded on June 4th, 2016.

Ewan4Meno2's final icon