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IvoHugh123 is a user on YouTube that joined The Thomas Wooden Railway Community in 2012 after getting on the bad side of users such as RailwayofSodor, and Bertramfan1 for calling them noobs because their voice is high pitched. He joined YouTube on May 3, 2012 around the time YouTube requried accounts to have Google+ accounts.

First Videos

IvoHugh123 joined Youtube under the name Ivo Hugh, and later changed it to IvoHugh123. He also released his name:  Garrison. He removed many of his videos and only kept the ones he considered good. Garrison mainly did reviews and remakes.

He did a few ERTL remakes, his own mini series and unboxings. 


In a vlog video, Garrison called some memebers of the community with high voices noobs, and gave Tyler and Liam as examples. The community practiclly lashed out at Garrison, who quickly made an apology video and removed the the vlog in which he called them noobs off Youtube.

Bad Luck on Ebay

Garrison had some of the worst luck on eBay. Most of the stuff he wanted to get were mainly bought by MichaelTDrums, or WoodenRailwayStudio.

Leaving Youtube

At around 1:00 EST, Garrison officially announced that he was leaving the community because he wanted to join his friends band. He said that he may come back to update every once and a while but for now he has no intentions on making any more Thomas videos.

Garrison and The Community

Although Garrison's had a rough start in the community, he has regained respect of the users he called noobs. He is good friends with EdwardAlba, and is friends with most of the community, although a lot of community members consider him a noob.


The last video that Garrison would upload was his two part Christmas episode on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day he announced his departue from the Community.  His final tweet was on March 6 announcing he joined a band and a channel to listen to the music. His account would later be closed and his time in the community will be remembered.