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LegoLegion5000 (LL5) was a user who joined YouTube on June 15, 2009.


LL5 made his channel to make videos on several things he enjoyed. This included Legos, Monster Trucks, and Thomas Wooden and Trackmaster Railway. While he was on YouTube, he made many videos on all his passions, especially wooden railway.


LL5 always wanted to make a wooden railway series when he was on YouTube. He had planned titles for season one of his series, however his series never began. After LL5 left LegoLegion5000, he tried to make his series again on a new channel, TandWF. Just like on LegoLegion5000, the series never started despite having episode titles.


LL5 would eventually leave YouTube in 2011. By 2012, the only videos LL5 had left on his channel were Monster Truck videos, with most of the videos having comments disabled. Being one of the early members of the community, LL5 will not be forgotten.