michaeltdrums's Current Logo

Michaeltdrums is little known user in the community. He joined YouTube on May 21, 2012 being one of the first members of the community to have to use Google+ to make a YouTube account.

First Videos

Michael's first video was likely removed,a review on his 1992 Percy takes it's place as his first video. He made reviews and entered for the Thomas Wooden Railway Competition. He made layout videos, an more reviews.

Popularity Gain

Michael began to gain popularity in the community, after a member of the Thomas Wooden Railway Community posted on Twitter the link to a video Michael made of an unboxing of a 1994 Black Roof Troublesome Brakevan, which was originally in possession of rboffill (who was selling portions of his 1992, 1993, and 1994 collection at the time.)

Michael also gained popularity, by buying the Percy Takes The Plunge Set that ThomasWoodenRailway was about to buy.

Small Series

Michael made a short lived series. The series had no name, and was filmed outside with fake grass.


Michael made more reviews, unboxings, and string tests. He reached 50 subs soon, and began doing his usual agenda of videos. He added, auditions for user's series such as MrMPS2002, and also began uploading bloopers of his reviews.

Around the middle of December, Michael got a camcorder for Christmas. He used the camcorder to professionalize his videos, and added music to some videos. He also began to add more rare TWR items to his collection by purchasing more rare items, such as 1992 items.

However as time went on Michael Uploaded less and less in 2013. At the end of September 2013, he made a video saying he was leaving YouTube.