Northwestern Railway series 2

Northwestern Railway series 2. Whats Your Name?


first scene of the episode.

Scripts and Development 

Ted started making a plot line for the episode before the first one was even filmed. When the first episode was finished filming Ted started work on it right away. After putting up an old pocket table in his lower level, Ted started. He finished making his plot line and got filming


Ted Filmed at night, which he soon would regret. Unlike his first video he recorded audio after when editing. Filming went fast but with many bloopers. Most Bloopers were lost but some survived and became a part of Ted's first bloopers video. This was the first episode Ted made on a table, and he did not have a tripod so some shots suffered because of this. This was the last episode were a hand was visible.


Editing this episode proved to be a much harder and longer task then the last.  the re recorded audio was allot softer and lower quality then hoped. The shots had bad lighting and could not be fixed with editing. the over all episode was "a complete fail" in Teds mind. The only visibly major improvement was the script was much better and moved more smoothly.


A new engine is ordered to work at the docks. Toby is sent to show him how to work the yard. Edward and Toby try to show him how things worked but failed to mention to be clear of a siding when Bill and Ben were coming to the yards. When Bill and Ben come to a sudden stop, the trucks break free crashing into the docks pushing the new diesel into the see. The diesel did not sink but hit the bottom. latter he was fished out and given his nick name of "salty". 

The crash.