OurTWRCommunity is an experimental channel that includes some the best users in the TWR Community. It was formed on August 9, 2010. The funny thing is, thomasfreak808 (now Matt Rosato) made his account on August 9, 2010 aswell. 


OurTWRCommunity's current profile picture.


OurTWRCommunity was originally founded by TheThomasWoodenGuy and Jamesis5. The account was known as an experiment by 10 friends and some of the most popular TWR members. Introduction videos were soon posted to the channel by ThomasWooden123, rboffill, TheThomasWoodenGuy, and AndrexioStudios. A video showing all 10 members of OurTWRCommunity was filmed by WoodenRailwayReviews. Klurty34 uploaded a Quarry Gift Set Showcase on March 2, 2011.  This would be the last video posted on OurTWRCommunity until 2012.


After some users were upset that they weren't included in OurTWRCommunity, ThomasWoodenRailway would leave the group in October.  After only 2 months, the group was down to 9 members.  The remaining 9 members decided they would not add anyone else.  The final video for almost a year and a half would be by Klurty34.  The channel would soon become inactive, and many users would leave the community.  


After a failed try at a group account by Percyno6, SirTophamHatt291, thomasfreak808 (now Matt Rosato), and Henryisgreat15, two of the members would go on to help revive OurTWRCommunity.  Jack (SirTophamHatt291), after approval from Percyno6, would contact WoodenRailwayReviews about reviving OurTWRCommunity.  On June 11, 2012, Robert said yes and OurTWRCommunity was back! All original members were asked if they wanted to return. The only members to return were WoodenRailwayReviews, OrigamiAirEnforcer, and TRAINSARECOOL2.  Jamesis5 was against the addition of Percyno6 and SirTophamHatt291 because they weren't two of the original 10 members. The group would still go on despite this, and Jamesis5 would leave YouTube altogether soon after.  Jlouvier was added a few months later.  A new introduction video was made by Percyno6 on June 14, 2012. The reason OrigamiAirEnforcer would return was so he could upload remakes.  He's uploaded remakes of The Runaway, Down The Mine, James in a Mess, Pop Goes The Diesel, and recently Thomas Gets Tricked. He plans on making a new one soon.  He also made a video talking about the state of the community recieving mixed reactions.  Percyno6 made a video asking for new members (no members ended up getting added) and a discussion video on Frank which was also uploaded on his account. SirTophamHatt291 and TRAINSARECOOL2 never uploaded a video during their time in OurTWRCommunity. WoodenRailwayReviews and Jlouvier have yet to upload a video since the 2012 return. The channel is now mostly used by OrigamiAirEnforcer to upload remakes.

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