smudgersirhandel (SS for short) joined YouTube on August 29th, 2008. SS was one of the first users to make a TWR series.


smudgersirhandel's Icon.

Early years

His series name was "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Episodes." Like Percyno6, he deleted his original series but kept his most popular episode up, "The Tricky Track." He also kept his TWR collection video up.


SS kept close friendship with users such as Keekre24, Percyno6 and Thomasfan24. He was also friends with TRAINSARECOOL2rboffill and as the years went by, he befriended Wooden Railway ReviewsJamesis5TheThomasWoodenGuy and various others.


After his numerous times leaving YouTube, he put a timeline of his time on YouTube.  This is what it said:

August 28, 2008 My first account (Smudgerduke) came into the YT world and left in one day.

August 29, 2008- Smudgersirhandel came into the YT world.

August 31, 2008- I was inspired by Keekre24 (now known as ThomasWoodenRailway) to make my own Thomas Wooden Railway series.

January 2009- I decided to leave my account and delete most of my videos.

February 8, 2009- I made another account called Aftershock227 and made videos on other things.

August 18, 2009 I woke up one day and decided to make another series of Thomas Wooden Railway!

January 2010- Left again, I think i just always get out of Thomas right before Christmas.

July 18, 2010- Came back again, I think I always come back in the late summer. So if I leave again, don't count on me never returning. Like I did twice before, I came back. =)


SS would return a lot, but not make many videos. Sometimes he would update his status and then not return for months. His final videos were discussions and eBay unboxings. He also made his own little narrow gauge layout. His final video was a remake of "Thomas You're the Leader" for his 2nd year anniversary. His last video was a thank you video to some of his TWR friends.

Possible return

In mid-December 2012, SS commented on Keekre24's narrow gauge layout video thanking him for keeping TWR alive on YouTube. Keekre24 responded asking if he would come back and make videos again, to no reply. Whether or not he does return, he will leave a legacy for being an original community member.