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SR3Dfilms is a member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community that joined YouTube back in October 2011.

First Years

SR3DFilms is a user who joined back in 2011. At first filming videos with his laptop pointed down at the track, his original series was that of very close to ThomasWoodenRailway's. The series has since been deleted from YouTube, and remains a dust spec in the infinite "video-verse". A second series, Oliver the Western Engine saw a brief run but was ultimately scrapped.

Engines and Escapades and Beyond

Now SR3DFilms (Now SodorRailway3DFilms) runs a mildly successful series titled "Engines and Escapades." The series has only really just begun, but more episodes are planned and being filmed. As of June 2016 he has gained over 2,000 subscribers.

Off-Brand TWRC

Off Brand TWRC is a show starring SR3DFilms and TrainiacJ. They talk about problematic ideas and other random things.