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SodorFan2K10 (a.k.a. SodorFan2010) is a user on YouTube who joined on June 19, 2010. He has over 5,000 subscribers right now.


Sodorfan2k10 uploaded his first video on August 13, 2010, a real-life train on a turntable. On that same day, he showed off a review of his Old Slow Coach item.

Layouts and Series

His series holds no title. He mostly uses his BRIO Thomas and Friends trains, but some are regular TWR trains. His layouts are known for being large and well detailed, and for the most part, utilizes BRIO's track system. In some, he creates large hills and stunning yard layouts.

BRIO Thomas & Friends Discussion

A series created by SodorFan2K10 for the purpose of discussing the pros and cons of the Thomas & Friends toy line by the BRIO franchise.


  • He's is known by the community as the voice of Skarloey in Matt Michaud's (EnterprisingEngine93) 'Enterprising Engines' series, as well as Thomas1Edward2Henry3's series
  • He has won a prize from one of Leokimvideos competition with an unboxing video on YouTube.