Thomas's Heroic Deed (Contest Closed)

Thomas's Heroic Deed (Contest Closed)

Thomas's Heroic Deed is the eighth episode of Percy The Small Tank Engine and Friends. The episode described James's return to Sodor and continues of what was left off in episode 4. The episode also had an "I-Spy" contest which several objects had to be said for a place in the contest. in the end 2 members in the community (Donald Douglas and Bertramfan1) placed 1st and 2nd respectively. The episode was scripted in March and uploaded in August.


James is back on Sodor after being mended, and Sir Topham Hatt gives him his punishment from his accident. James was not allowed to pull coaches, and pulled trucks. Annie and Clarabel were wondering of a way to apologize to James. James talked to the coaches crossly when they first tried to apologize, and James left with a train of empty trucks. Soon Diesel over ehars the coaches cry to beome mobile to make the apologizeation more sufficent, and Diesel pushes the two in James's direction. Thomas the Tank Engine saw the whole thing, and followed Diesel. On The vidauct where James had had his accident, James stopped for a while giving Diesel a chance to catch up.
Thomas's Heroic Deed

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He slammed the coaches at James's tender and fled the scene. James was shaking, nearly about to fall off the viaduct when Thomas comes and pulls Annie, Clarabel, James, and the truck to safety. At a station, all the engines lined up to see Thomas's rescue train come through. Annie and Clarabel apologize to James, and tell Sir Topham Hatt the truth, and he takes James's punishment away. Then he gives Annie and Clarabel to Thomas, and a branchline for him too.


James: Main Role
Annie: Main Role
Clarabel: Main Role
Thomas: Main Role
Diesel: Main Role
Edward: Cameo
Henry: Cameo
Gordon Cameo
Percy: Cameo
Toby: Cameo
Henrietta: Cameo
Rocky: Cameo
Bertie: Cameo
Terence: Cameo
Harold: Cameo
Old Slow Coach: Cameo


  • Usually in Season 1, the camera shakes at the end of a scene.
  • The end of the set can be seen in the second shot.
  • A string holder can be seen in the third set. Also the track ends on the bridge and on the ground.
  • James is not moving for a second in the fourth scene.
  • Roberto's finger can be seen moving a coach on the close up of Annie and Clarabel.
  • While zooming in on Annie and Clarabel, James's good train stops suddenly.
  • The close up of Annie and Clarabel is shakey.
  • Diesel magically turns around quickly when he picks up Clarabel.
  • Though Clarabel was taken away she can be seen not moving  when the camera titls up to Thomas.
  • Roberto's hand can be seen pulling James's cars with James at 4:04
  • A hand can be seen pulling the string beloning to Diesel at 4:14
  • According to what Diesel did at the yards, he picked up Clarabel last, but on the viaduct, Annie can be seen up front but she should've been sandwhiched between Clarabel and Diesel.
  • On Annie and Clarabel's close up Thomas's bunker is seen, but Thomas s shown to come up next to James in the next scene.
  • Roberto's finger can be seen pulling Sir Topham Hatt away.


  • The episode had the working titles "Thomas and James" and "Thomas Saves James"
  • The episode ran for 6:59
  • The contest goofs were the sky being upside down in one of the viaduct scenes, the gristmill building being upside down in the village scene and Duck's back in th tunnel of the coal station scene.