ThomasWooden123 is a user who first joined the Community on October 10, 2009. 


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ThomasWooden123 made his first video on October 14, 2009.  The video was a remake of Thomas, Percy, and the Coal.  The video is now his third most viewed video with over 700,000 views.  This would only be the start to the remakes he would make.

Rise of Remakes


ThomasWooden123's old channel icon

After remaking Thomas, Percy, and the Coal, ThomasWooden123 would go on to make more remakes.  Including Mavis, Percy's Predicament, The Runaway, Dirty Objects, Home at Last, among others.  He would even make a music video of It's Great to be an Engine and Really Useful Engine.  He also made a remake of Diesel 10's Return from Thomas and the Magic Railroad.  After having success in remakes, ThomasWooden123 decided to start a series.

Rise of Series

ThomasWooden123 started off his series with his first episode called BoCo's Busy Day.  While ThomasWooden123 recorded all the video footage, he had Klurty34 do the narration.  ThomasWooden123's series had four total episodes plus a short.  The titles were BoCo's Busy Day; Express Engines; Donald, Douglas, & the Old Bridge; and Thomas Strikes Back.  His short was called Thomas Hauling a Heavy Load.  


After uploading Thomas Strikes Back, ThomasWooden123 would make a music video, Navigation, which would end up being the last video he would upload.  The upload came on October 27, 2010, a little over a year after he came on YouTube.  ThomasWooden123 left a note on his channel saying "This Channel died 16th of December 2010 - 3:18pm." This would end up being the last time he logged onto his channel for over 3 years.



ThomasWooden123's Old Logo.

On June 30, 2014, over three and a half years after he left YouTube, ThomasWooden123 returned.  He made his return by making a Twitter along with a new logo. He said he has plans on uploading a new video soon, but this video never came.  

Current Status

It is debatable on if he's ever going to make any more videos, but since he hasn't been active for 3 years it is safe to say that he is currently a former member.