Season 11 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures will be the eleventh season of ThomasWoodenRailway's YouTube series. The season originally started September 19, 2013 and restarted June 6, 2014.

Episodes 151-165

  • Fergus' Day Off
  • Stepney and the Bluebell Branchline
  • Around the Railyard in 64 Seconds
  • The Great Western Way
  • Big City Rumor
  • Station Situation
  • Duncan in the Dumps
  • Just Duck's Luck
  • Hank and the Hatt St Crossing
  • Spencer Goes Too Far
  • Holly Jolly Molly
  • Trembling Trevor
  • Old Square Wheels
  • Wooden Brakes
  • Boco and the Cocoa


  • Although ThomasWoodenRailway originally announced that fourteen of the fifteen titles would be picked from suggestions by users in the Season 11 Update, only ten were chosen.  
  • One of the users that were chosen, 164060, was later to become Oliver Duck, this episode was Lucky Ducky