Thomasfan24 is a YouTube user that joined YouTube on August 1, 2008. He later became a member of the TWR Community.

The Early Years

Thomasfan24 was originally known as ThomasRemakeCentral, but ended up closing that account for his well known Thomasfan24 account. He was known by many as Steven. Steven took awhile to make videos, but once he did he never stopped. He had a separate account for his series, ThomasWoodenTales. He was one of Keekre24's original friends on YouTube.


Along with being friends with Keekre24, he was also friends with Percyno6. The three of them were best friends on YouTube, and were always known to be in streams together. The friendship with the three ended when Steven left YouTube, although Keekre24 and Percyno6 are still friends. Steven has been known to pop into Skype calls every once in a while, reuniting the three friends. Steven was also friends with Smudgersirhandel, Rboffill, and TRAINSARECOOL2 during the early years. He also was friends with some of the newer users of 2010 and 2011.

Fall of Thomasfan24

Steven deleted his Thomasfan24 account when some of his real life friends were finding out about his TWR account. He made several accounts until he finally stayed on ThomasWRfan24. ThomasWRfan24 didn't last long, as he soon deleted that account too, and leaving the TWR community forever. Steven will be remembered by many for being one of the first members of the community.